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We engineer your trade credit and accounts receivable environment.

The consultancy was founded by JJ Jacobs after a quarter of a century experience in trade credit and receivables management. After these many years involved with various companies and industries, we understand that these activities present a major challenge to most businesses, big and small.

The function of trade credit and receivables management is often misunderstood, underestimated and operationally neglected. Although multifaceted, it is often viewed from individual angles only. This reduction leads to under performance. Unsatisfactory cash flow and impairments soon follow. Frustration, internal blame and in extreme cases meltdown, can even occur.

The function can be a cash flow generator and revenue enabler. We know the way and would like to partner with you on that journey.
We engineer your organisational environment and business processes

  • For your custom designed in-house Credit and AR function
  • Fitting and working in sync with your total business machine
  • This is achieved by master design elements: ‘The Key Elements’

Change Management of these Key Elements

Design of the Management Operating System
  • Activity scheduling for planning, activation, control and monitoring of the function

Formulation of Credit Policy
  • Customer engagement standards for optimal balance between risk and commercial opportunity

Specification of Procedures
  • Rules and standards for execution of policy

Development of Reporting and Measurement tools
  • Custom designed reports and performance indictors

Training and Development of Personnel
  • Advice and assistance with all the above key elements

Focus Areas


Legal Compliance
Estate and Financial Planning

Corporate Governance
Business Valuations and Business Plans

Special and Independent Investigations
General Management Consulting

Company Secretarial Services

Internal Documentation: Policies, Procedures, Reports and Job Descriptions
Registration of Companies

External Documentation: Application forms and Standard Correspondence templates
Belasting administrasie

Other Agreed Upon Procedures
Payroll Services

Dealing with Chain Store Groups
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